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LED Lights - LED Lighting

LED lights are a wonderful alternative to incandescent or even fluorescent light fixtures. There are many pros to installing LEDs at your home, office, or retail store. They are great for recessed lights applications, under cabinet lights, etc...LED lights are great for saving energy. LEDs burn at a cooler temperature so they give off less heat. LED lights typically last 100,000 hours, whereas incandescent fixtures last 1,000 hours. This means having to change out light bulbs a lot less and saving money on getting an electrician to replace bulbs where needed. Also, Because LED light bulbs do not contain mercury they do pose a health  risk. 

5 Reasons Why LEDs Are a Great Idea: 

  • LEDs last a great deal longer. LED light bulbs can last over 100,000 hours
  • LED lamps are energy efficient. While incandescent lamps give approximately 80% their energy off to heat, LED lamps reverse that and give  off only about 20% energy off to heat at similar brightness
  • LED lights are incredibly versatile. They come in a wide variety of shapes and colors and can be used for virtually any lighting application, i.e. recessed lighting, landscape lighting, lighting retrofits, under cabinet, etc
  • Unlike fluorescent lights, which takes a few seconds to "start up", LEDs come to their full brightness in microseconds
  • LED Lights are safer. LED Light bulbs do not contain Mercury and are very durable
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