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Troubleshooting & Repair

Q: Experiencing a loss of power in a portion of your home?

Q: Have outlets or switches suddenly stopped working?

Q: Circuit breakers keep tripping?

We'll locate your problem quick and easy!

Our electricians are skilled and trained to meet any electrical problem in your home or office.

Call Light House Electric of Jupiter, Inc ! We specialize in residential electrical troubleshooting and repair.  All Universal Wiring electricians are skilled in residential electrical service and repair.  We will locate the cause of your electrical issue and have it repaired in no time!  Our electricians have performed repairs on countless residential electrical systems.  Call today and have one of our licensed electricians troubleshoot your electrical issue!

Fast on Time Electrical Service – Helpful Friendly Electricians - Fair and Honest Pricing
Lighthouse Electric of Jupiter, Inc  Call 561 748-7575
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