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Plugs, Light Switches & Dimmer Switches

Add, replace or move a light switch

Replace a light switch or Plug

There are times when a light switch wears out and needs replacing. Although your local hardware store will sell you a new switch, we don't recommend that the average homeowner attempt to replace the switch themselves.  This project, along with all other electrical projects, should be trusted in the hands of a licensed and skilled electrician.  There is risk of electrocution and damage to your home's electrical system.

Move a light switch

Have your remodeled or rearranged the furniture in your home?  Is that light switch now in a not-so-convenient place? No worries!  Call us to come and move that switch to a new location!  Our skilled electricians can move your switch with no trouble - and NO MESS left behind - call for more details.

"Switch" to a dimmer!

A great way to change the look and feel of a room is to increase it's lighting control through a dimmer switch.  With a dimmer switch, you can easily set the mood or change the atmosphere.  A dimmer switch may even increase the number of uses for a room by allowing you to precisely dial in the desired amount of light

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